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Veruca Sour

The Jazz Age Harlot

This burlesque potato will get the juice joint jumping with her medically inadvisable blend of enthusiasm and pure disgust. She’s a ragamuffin with a golden ticket to hell and more face than you can poke a stick at, so please stop trying. Liza Minnelli laid an egg and here she is, it’s Veruca Sour!


A fresh face on the scene, Veruca fell into burlesque classes in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since, drawn to the unique form of storytelling and performance style. She has a love for vintage dance and the jazz age, and an enthusiasm for hot glue that cannot be satiated in any other artform.

Veruca’s background in theatre and dance has seen her become the resident choreographer for the UWA Pantomime Society, where she has also worn a number of other hats including director, writer, producer and costumer since 2010. In the theatre she enjoys playing a wide range of characters, but specialises in Disney villains and precocious children in chocolate factories.

With a style that is 90% face and 10% Germanic Nightmare Monster, Veruca is known for her theatrical and comedic performances, and looks forward to bringing her brand of bawdy cabaret and racy hijinx to a stage near you. 

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Perth, WA

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