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Tempest Modesty Panel Skirt (Beige)

The Tempest Modesty Panel Skirt is a tribute to the style of skirt that was made popular by the burlesque dancers of the 1940's and 50's. It has a comfortable lycra waistband extending to the hip, sheer organza panels front and back as well as luxurious Bullion Fringing as trimming.

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Designed and made with burlesque performers in mind, the tempest modesty panel skirt moves beautifully on stage while dancing and the organza panels will shimmer in the lights.

The lycra waistband was created to be worn without the risk it slipping down but has the option of being peeled down when performing a sexy striptease.

This garment is from the ‘Burlesque Basics’ Range. It was designed so that you can choose to add your own embellishments to it, to create your own unique costume.

In the interests of performers, this garment has minimal tags sewn into the inside of it which you would normally have to cut off if you were to use them in a burlesque act.

Fabric contents: Polyester, Spandex

Sizing information: Small, Medium & Large
Waistband width = 15cm
Waistband measurement from flat to maximum stretch
S- 62cm - 75cm
M - 72cm - 85cm
L - 82cm - 95cm
Length of panels from bottom of waistband to the
bottom of panel = 84cms

Fallen Feathers is designer Lia Parravicini, who is now based in London, UK.  Lia (aka Sapphire Demure) was a burlesque & fire performer for Sugar Blue Burlesque for 5 years before moving to London, so she understands the needs of burlesque artists and in collaboration with Sugar Blue Burlesque director, A’dora Derriere, they have created this unique range of Burlesque Basics for the ever growing world burlesque community. All items are hand made by Lia and sent to Perth to be sold.

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