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Cat's Meow Bloomers

As part of the Sugar Blue Burlesque & Fallen Feathers 'One-off Wonders' range, these Cat's Meow Bloomers are made out of a thick black stretch knit, have a plain back and a features leopard print love heart at the front.

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The Cat's Meow Bloomers are very comfortable and just pull on, so no zips, perfect for a dance class, especially if you are doing floor or chair work.

The front of the bloomers have beeen ruched by elastic on the inside at the centre front of each leg to give a longer leg line a very 50's pin-up styling to them. 

They can be worn with tights underneath or are the perfect undergarment under a swing skirt! These bloomers were designed with Lindy hop and Rock n' Roll dancers in mind! 

Measurements (cms):

Waist: 60-72 (S) 70-82 (M) 80-92 (L) 90-102 (XL)

Hip 80-92 (S) 90-102 (M) 100-112 (L) 110-122 (XL) 

Lia (aka Sapphire Demure) was a burlesque & fire performer for Sugar Blue Burlesque for 5 years before moving to London, so she understands the needs of burlesque artists and in collaboration with Sugar Blue Burlesque director, A’dora Derriere, they have created this unique range of dance wear for the ever growing world burlesque community. 

All items are hand made by Lia and sent to Perth to be sold.

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