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1920s Charleston DVD

In this DVD, learn the basics of the Charleston, the biggest dance fad of the 1920s, and progress to advanced Charleston variations.

The DVD also includes classic jazz steps from the 1930s and 40s, progressing to some advanced steps and combinations, plus an introduction to the slow and sultry style known as blues dancing.

With a hot and swingin’ jazz soundtrack featuring Michael McQuaid’s Red Hot Rhythmakers, The Stevedores, and The Boilermaker Jazz Band.

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Chapter 1: 1920s Charleston Basics
Including the Charleston Basic, Charleston arm styles, moving forwards, moving backwards, tapping on one side, half turn, lock turn, Charleston leg styles, rotating windmills, chugs, breaks, scarecrow Charleston, round the world Charleston, squat Charleston, jump Charleston, knee illusions (bees knees), pushes & knee slaps, shoe shines and Blackbottom.

Chapter 2: Vintage Jazz Dance Basics
Including 31 classic jazz steps: The Messaround, Hip Swings, Pecking, Swivels, Rusty Dusty, Grapevine, Iceskating, Smack the Baby, Crazy Legs, Slip Slops, Run on the Log, Boogits, Hangman, The Rock, Hot Potatoes, Boogie Drop, Fall Off The Log, Shim Sham, Glorias, Apple Jacks, Shorty George, Camel Walk, Suzie Q, Tacky Annie, Truckin’, Boogie Forwards, Boogie Back, Fishtails, Half Breaks, Broken Leg and Happy Feet.

Chapter 3: Authentic Vintage Blues Dance
Including Hip Rolls, Lowdowns, Blackbottom, Blues Crazy Legs, Gene Kelly Pops, Shuffle Forwards, Fishtails, Push Drops, Crawl to the Side, Jump to Side Lunge, Bend Back, Snakehips, Hal Leroy Snakehips, The Grind, Figure 8s, and the Ecstasy Shimmy.

Chapter 4: Advanced Vintage Jazz Dance
Including Dean Collins’ Shorty George Variation, Half Break to Foot Slap, “Tea For Two” Turn, Eagle Slide to Suzie Q, Shishkabooms, Stump & Stumpy Turns, Heel Clicks and Fall Off The Log Turn & Twists.

Chapter 5. Advanced 1920s Charleston
Including Scissor Kicks, Chug Back & Slide, Slip Slops, Centred Heel Click, Addie Seamon Charleston, Berry Brothers Charleston, Double Sided Windmills, Heel Twists, Lock & Twist, “Tea for Two” Combo, Popeye Kicks, Legomania and Run On The Log to Heel Digs.

DVD Format : PAL  (not compatible with US dvd players, however will work in US laptops/computers.)
Length: 91 mins

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