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Scarlet O’Harlot

The Seductress of the Stage

Though she has the face of a doll, Scarlet O'Harlot dances with the wild abandonment of an Amazon! This seductress intoxicates men with her dark, mysterious eyes and bewitches them with her hips.


Seductress of the stage, Scarlet O’Harlot has been a performer with Sugar Blue Burlesque since their opening night in 2007. An international burlesque glamour-puss, Scarlet has captivated audiences in Australia and throughout Europe, from the jazz dens of Sweden to the Cabaret bars of London, Switzerland and Germany.

This doll faced vixen draws inspiration from the hedonistic follies through to the seductive sirens of the silver screen. Her energy evokes the wild antics of the twenties while her signature style rouses the Femme Fatale of 1940’s Film Noir.

An aficionado of the vintage jazz dances and a seasoned performer, Scarlet O’Harlot is also an experienced dance teacher having taught and performed burlesque, jazz, Charleston, lindy hop, 60’s go-go, blues and chorus line in Australia and throughout Europe for the last 6 years. She’s a swing dj, a lindy hop devotee and has an incurable addiction to chocolate.

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