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Lucy Lovegun

The Bombshell

Sexy, funny and a little bit dirty, Lucy Lovegun will storm the stage like a sexual tornado and steal your heart. With moves that could make a wolverine purr and a cheekiness that is sure to captivate Lucy will gratify and entertain; and maybe even have you laugh so hard you fall off your seat… so hold on tight you’re in for a ride!


Lucy Lovegun first stepped onto the Burlesque stage as a graduating student of the tease in 2012. From here there was just no turning back; Burlesque became a passion for which there was no substitute. Attracted by all the feathers, fringing and sparkly things Lucy immerses herself in as many genres of vintage dance as she can, always keen to learn more and develop her performance style.

Lucy also loves to dabble in costume design/creation and hair and makeup, enjoying all facets of what Burlesque has to offer. Lucy’s penchant for theatre and fervor for classic bump and grind shines through in each of her performances.

Lucy Lovegun is a fresh face in the burlesque scene known for her animated and energetic performances. As the reigning Miss Burlesque Western Australia 2014 Lucy is keen to travel and perform her way across Australia.

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