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Kitty Littéur

The Tassel Twirling Teaser

With a cheeky sense of humour and legs that go on and on, Miss Kitty Littéur is the crack-up pin-up you don’t want to miss! This girl a real crowd pleaser and is known for her quirky stage antics and reputation as ‘ten pounds of fun in a five pound bag’. A knock-out bump and grinder, she delights audiences with her shimmies, shakes and flirty moves. And don’t miss those tassels, ‘coz this girl will leave you in a spin!


Take one part crazy and one part adorable, add a whole heap of sparkle and subtract a few choice pieces of clothing… and you have a great big mess!!! Or our very own Kitty Littéur! (or very often both!)

Kitty’s performance style is based on quirky comedy and cheesecake cuteness! Kitty has been performing burlesque since 2009, and also loves 1960’s Gogo, Swing dancing and high energy vaudeville antics. Catch this lady’s larger then life antics in her signature act ‘The Attack of the 50 Foot Woman’ and as the mystical tassel twirling genie in ‘Never Had a Friend Like Me!’ Kitty loves to surprise her audiences and keep them guessing until the very end! After a spin with Kitty’s very own version of ‘Twister’ the phrase ‘left hand yellow’ will leave you with a new appreciation for the humble board game.

Kitty also draws inspiration from iconic pin-up Bettie Page, and will leave you begging for more with one of her Bettie Page tribute acts. And make sure you catch this crazy cat doing what she does best with a pair of tassels!

Kitty is the title holder of:

  • Miss Burlesque Western Australia 2011
  • Miss Tassel Twirl Australia 2011
  • Miss Perfect Pinup Western Australia 2013
  • Madame Deville’s first Runner Up 2010
  • Second Runner Up at the Perth International Burlesque Festival Opening Night Battle 2012

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Perth, Western Australia

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