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Danisa Snake

The Serpentine Goddess!

Sexy, Sultry and a little Scary, Danisa Snake is Perth’s resident serpentine goddess!

Slithering onto Perth stages since 2020, Danisa stuns audiences with her scintillating performances ranging anywhere from horror burlesque to urban choreography and everything in between!


Danisa Snake is an upcoming Boorloo/Perth drag artist who began performing regularly August 2020 after COVID restrictions. A multi-disciplinary drag artist, Danisa has trained in vogue, urban choreography, saxophone and musical theatre which she mixes with her cultural identity to create captivating and thought provoking queer art.

Danisa Snake is Boorloo’s serpentine drag artist sure to stun audiences with her sexy and sultry performances. With a mix of ballroom, glamour and cultural references, Danisa performs with the intention to empower and represent for the QIBPOC community!

Adelaide and Perth Fringes
Member of the Perth Ballroom community
Burlesque shows: unleashed, new kids on the block
Drag shows: Divas Drag Revue, spectacles productions (stargazed, rituals I and II, Divinity), Gendermess productions (4 my weave, Hands where my eyes can see), Sideshow (connections nightclub)

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Perth, WA

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