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Amelia Kisses

The Cutie Patootie

She has a wiggle in her walk, a giggle in her Talk and makes the world go round.... it’s the one and only AMELIA KISSES! This full-time red head has full-time curves and a discount on clothing because it's always 50% off.
Short sweet and always a little cheeky she's the Queen of Cottage Core, Amelia Kisses is Whimsy Personified.


Amelia Kisses is a blend of subtle comedy and timing with her own style of classic tease. This three-time Mx Burlesque Western Australia grand finalist, Amelia has honed her art of being a squishy beauty, ready to engage with any audience.

A teacher and troupe member with Sugar Blue Burlesque since 2016, Amelia has gone on to become a founding member of Youngblood burlesque and original cast member of “Would you like thighs with that”.  Amelia Kisses has travelled and performed both within Australia and internationally, including performing in the New Zealand Burlesque Festival and the Perth International Burlesque Festival.

Adding Iconic acts into her repertoire, Amelia Kisses is known for her “Naked Mushroom Lady” and “I’m a Tree”, blurring the lines between sexy, adorable with a touch of dirty. Effortlessly cheeky, her charisma is unparalleled.

SOOO How may kisses do you want?

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Perth, WA

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