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Lucid – FRINGE WORLD Festival 2021

Fri 29 January

Doors open at 6:45pm

Venue The Megamouth The Woodside Pleasure Gardens

LUCID… are you dreaming?
Sugar Blue Burlesque presents a brand new show at Fringe World 2021!

Come with us on a journey from falling, to flying through the clouds, then a pit stop to the embarrassing. Say hello to the random, voyeur at the sexy, then exit your consciousness through our nightmares…. Or stay a while, visitors are always welcome.

Have you ever wondered if everybody dreams the same way as you do? Or have you wondered if we even dream at all? Have you ever been lucid while you dream? Been aware that you are dreaming? Sugar Blue Burlesque wants to guide you through their own vivid unconsciousness via the art of tease.
When: January 25th-29th at 6:45pm
Where: The Megamouth at The Woodside Pleasure Garden
Tickets: Preview (25th January) $25, 26-29th shows $30


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