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Hello Sugar! – FRINGE WORLD 2020

Fri 14 February

Doors open at 10pm

Venue The Ellington Jazz Club 191 Beaufort St, Perth


Well, Hello Sugar! Welcome to the variety hour of burlesque, comedy, vaudeville, circus & more featuring these purveyors of pastie pastiche, Sugar Blue Burlesque!

These campy creatives return to the FRINGE WORLD Festival to transport you back to an era of good old-fashioned entertainment with a modern twist. With fun dance numbers, fabulous costumes and a heavy dose of comedy, you’re in for a really big shewwwwww!

Hello Sugar! show dates as follows:

The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth

Saturday/ Sunday 18th & 19th January 2020 at 5pm

Wednesday 22nd January 2020 at 10:15pm

Friday 14th February 2020 at 11.30pm

Duke of George, Fremantle

31st January 2020 at 8.30pm

1st February 2020 at 8.30pm


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