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Big Time Burly Q 2

Mon 30 January

Doors open at 6:30pm

Venue Connections Nightclub 81 James St, Northbridge

After an award-winning season at FRINGE WORLD 2022, Big Time Burly Q is back with new acts, ready to delight!

Big Glamour, Big Laughs and Big Personality – it’s time for Big Time Burly Q 2! Grab a giggle water and get ready to chortle and cheer as your pals at Sugar Blue Burlesque serve up an hour of high kicks and antics showcasing shimmering showgirls, delicious drag, velvety vocalists and some serious slapstick!

Bringing you the best of the best from this great town in the west, Big Time Burly Q 2 features award-winning performers bringing you both never before seen acts and crowd favourites. And as they say, the Bigger the Better, so grab a seat and get ready to be seriously entertained!



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