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Thu 1 January

Doors open at 12am

Venue Civic Hotel 981 Beaufort St, Inglewood

Join Lucy Lovegun and Fifi Fontaine as they Go-Go Dance on stage with band ‘Back2Rock’ for a live rock show.

Back2Rock are a 3 piece band from Perth, Australia who tour the world playing their sets of classic rock from all eras.

Back2Rock was created by three musicians to take everyone from large venues to pub audiences directly Back2Rock for an earthy, loud and powerful rock experience that
just makes you want to dance.

Having played to audiences as large as 6,000 people in Australia, Back2Rock is a pocket rocket three-piece-band playing all the classic covers from The Who to Hendrix, The Beatles to Deep Purple, T-Rex, even Aussie rock legends like The Angels.


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