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Lulu Liqueur

The Cheeky Sweety

She’s sweet, she’s sassy and did we mention saucy? It’s Lulu Liqueur!! Don’t be fooled by her innocent looks, Lulu’s here to dazzle and charm with a dash of cheek! With the aim to entertain, Lulu likes nothing more than dancing up a storm! She’ll have you laughing and maybe a little hot under the collar. Either way, you’ll be wanting more! Sit back and enjoy the sweetest of …… Lulu Liqueur!!!


With over 20 years of dance experience, Lulu Liqueur is trained in a soiree of styles including jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary & lyrical. Lulu pairs her passion for dancing and the theatre, with a love for the glamour and charm of the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Lulu joined Sugar Blue Burlesque in early 2012, performing both solo and group routines with the troupe. Some of these performances include the Australian Burlesque Festival 2013, Perth International Burlesque Festival 2012 & 2013, the Miss Burlesque WA heat & final 2013, Big Top Tease 2013, Perth Fringe Festival 2013, Sugar Blue’s themed performances and corporate events.

Alongside dancing, Lulu has a passion for acting and has performed in a variety of theatre shows, music videos, festivals and the TV mini-series Cloudstreet. Lulu enjoys teaching Sugar Blue’s Bump & Grind and Beginner Burlesque classes and watching her students thrive and grow! Lulu loves nothing more than to dance, act and most importantly… to have fun!

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