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Chantilly Divine

The Saucy Sweetie

She's frilly, she's fine, she's Chantilly Divine!!
Sweet as a button by nature, hot and saucy by design this fire and ice performer always brings her sweet sweet chantilly cream to the stage with a big old dollop of hot sauce!


Dancing since the age of 5 and teaching since the age of 16 Chantilly adores the variety that dance has to offer. Dancing Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Arco and Modern with The Beverly Margaret School of Dance Chantilly, finally at the age of 12, found her niche with Humphreys in the style she excelled in….Ballroom! Attaining 4 category gold medals by the age of 16 Chantilly was hooked on the drama and flair of Latin and New Vogue and the grace and poise of Ballroom and English Old Time. After taking time out from dance to pursue her career Chantilly finally returned to the dance stage stepping into the world of Burlesque in 2012……. and oh what a world it was!!!! From sweet and subtle to dark and daring the Burlesque world had all the variety she loved with just the right amount of risqué thrown in!! After moving back to Perth in 2014, and dabbling in a few dance adventures, Chantilly finally took her first class with Sugar Blue Burlesque in early 2015. The variety of Burlesque and Vintage dance styles they offered had her kicking up her heels and stomping the floorboards once again. Always one to take risks, be different and unique, Chantilly’s choreography will always surprise and delight as will her costumes which are just as impressive! Studying under her grandmother, who was a seamstress during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, Chantilly quickly became obsessed with the art of dressmaking. Being able to adapt those skills into making costumes for Burlesque dancers and her students is one of her most humble passions.


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Perth, WA

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