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Amelia Kisses

The Cutie Patootie

This curvaceous little lady is a pocket rocket of energy and giggles. Bumping and grinding her way through life there is no pun to punny, or costume to sparkly!


Attracted to overdoses of glitter Amelia saw her name in lights! Band from dancing at work, ostracized for getting down in the supermarket, gaining notoriety or mid traffic jam jives she quickly became addicted to the burlesque scene starting classes in 2014.

2 years later Amelia took a break from her muggle life to pursue a interest in costuming and furthering her performance techniques. This cutie is known for her ability to turn trash into treasures where she permanently has her sewing machine on standby for any new costuming endeavors!

With all that face, personally and constant curvaceous jiggling, Amelia will tickle your funny bone whilst introducing you a world of ranch you never knew existed!

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Perth, WA

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